Traveling in the UK, to Europe or world wide cycle boxes are used by thousands of cyclists each year to transport road, time trial and off road bikes safely and securely. Whether you are traveling by road, air, rail or sea the design and robust construction of bike boxes will protect your bike from the risk of damage through crushing, poor handling or sudden impact. Cycle boxes mean that you arrive at your event with your bike safely intact and ready to go.

Wheel boxes are used to transport extra sets of wheels for road, time trial and off road bikes. The design and same robust construction of wheel boxes prevent damage to all parts of the wheel.

Traveling abroad:

Thousands of cyclists travel every week transporting their bike safely to races and events with the use of cycle and wheel boxes. Frequently there are stories of bikes being badly damaged in transit through inadequate protection. Problems can arise through baggage handling and the packing of baggage in the hold where packed in the wrong position can mean bikes being subjected to hundreds of kilos of pressure from other baggage.  Insurance policies often specify certain conditions relating to the packaging and transportation of bikes.

Hiring Bike and Wheel boxes:

Cycle and Wheel boxes can be hired on an Individual or Group booking basisand with any combination of boxes.Please check with your travel company or carrier for conditions and costs associated with the use of Cycle or Wheel boxes
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